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About Chuds

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Chuds BBQ started with Bradley Robinson moving to Austin, TX after college in 2012. The first bite of true Texas barbecue created an immediate obsession.

It started as a backyard hobby on a vertical water smoker which was quickly replaced by a Weber Kettle. At this point he started working at Freedman's, where he met Evan Leroy and then helped open Leroy & Lewis BBQ.

As his skill grew he became intent on honing his craft even further at home. After realizing that the affordable offsets available at home improvement stores were poorly designed, it became increasingly clear that he would need to build his own offset.

The first offset was built using an old 150 gallon propane tank, and is still holding strong as the main smoker used on the YouTube channel. Once he learned how rewarding welding and building cooking tools could be, he started building them for other members of the barbecue community.

After the COVID-19 pandemic shut down restaurants in Austin, Bradley focused on his YouTube channel, which quickly became successful. This created a large demand for Chuds BBQ cookers, so he called up his friend Nick Gambone, aka Bones, to get help with running the business.

Together they continually think up new ways to grow the business, while making sure that they adhere to their values. They created connections with several Texas manufacturers and vendors to support local business, and connect with other creators to support them as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help?

Where did the name Chuds come from?

Chuds was a made up word between friends which just felt like barbecue. When thinking of an unassuming rundown roadside shack that served up amazing BBQ, the name Chuds BBQ was born.

How does that metal disc on the cutting board work?


Do you make custom pits?

No. Our products go through a rigorous designing and testing process before they go to market, and we build in bulk to be able to offer lower prices.

What's with "There's a snake in my boot!"?

The fast-paced editing style of Chuds BBQ videos doesn't have silent parts. Because of this Bradley just shouted the first thing that came to his head during one of his first videos and it quickly became a signature saying.