Chud Chimney
Chud Chimney
Chud Chimney
Chud Chimney

Chud Chimney

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The last charcoal chimney starter you will ever need! The Chud Chimney is made of fully welded steel and is built to last. Unlike other chimney starters there is no plastic involved that melts to your hand.

This version has an improved heat deflector and spot welds for a cleaner look with the same strength of a solid steel design.

Also comes with a free 24-pack of Snake Nest fire starters!

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Customer Reviews

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Beau Ollison
Chuds Chimney review

Awesome. Sturdy, plenty of Charcoal space. Extremely happy with this addition to my bbq setup.

Adam Dispenza
Excellent. Speeds up the time to cook, and high quality.

Having recently acquired an offset, I was annoyed with how long it took for a split only fire to take off and get me to the preheat stage of the cook. The chud chimney got me a ripping hot set of coals that let me throw on logs after about 20-30 minutes, greatly minimizing the time to blue smoke.

I also use it setting up direct heat coal beds in ky big green egg, most recently for a rack of pork ribs. My time was tight to get the ribs done, and the chimney got me to temp way faster than snake nests in a kick ash charcoal bed that I normally use.

The construction is not flimsy. I will say it went out of square after a few uses but it doesn’t affect usability, and I suspect that’s due to rapid heating and cooling. The flame guard next to the handle is awesome as there are tight situations where the coals get closer to my hand than I’d like, so guard + a heat resistant glove give me all the protection I need.

Highly recommended. I’d buy another one if mine broke, which I don’t see happening any time soon.

Great Chimney

Very well constructed top tier level BBQ tool here and really excited to use it. I was most surprised at how well the chimney was packaged. Shipping was fast and appreciate the fire starters too. This is not cheap, but quality never is. Exactly what I would come to expect from the Chuds crew.

Thanks for the feedback and support!

Steve Rix
Chud Chimney

Great quality, Bones got it to me in record time.....and don't sleep on the rubs either; Snakebite, Sweetcheeks and SPG are all killer rubs!

Michael Gigas
Solid product

Heavy steel chimney, well constructed

Appreciate the support and feedback!