Nice & Plump Sausage Starter
Nice & Plump Sausage Starter
Nice & Plump Sausage Starter
Nice & Plump Sausage Starter
Nice & Plump Sausage Starter

Nice & Plump Sausage Starter

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Simply add one package of sausage starter mix to 5 pounds of meat to make Chuds Texas-style sausage. Easily modifiable by adding your own spices, veggies, cheese, etc

Includes milk powder as a binder. Gluten-free.

Does NOT include curing salt. If you plan on cold smoking your sausage, add .25% pink curing salt to the weight of the meat and let the mixture rest for 24 hours.

Order 3 or more to receive 10% off your mixes, 5 or more gets 25% off 


Ingredients: Milk, salt, spices, garlic, paprika.

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Customer Reviews

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Matt McBrier
Nice and Plump!

Great starter mix for 5lb of meat! I made Chicken, Feta, and Spinach Brats they turned out amazing. Of course they staid nice and plump even after smoking!

Yes Please! Sounds amazing, thanks for the feedback!

Joshua J.

Delicious! Been following ChudsBbq for a while and finally had the chance to make some sausages! So glad you created this! It makes making sausages SOO much easier and more enjoyable!


R. Henry
Great kit!

This will be the 3rd time I've ordered the sausage starter kit and it never disappoints! It's so convenient having everything ready for a 5lb batch of links. Plus like Brad said in the video it's a great place to start and experiment with different seasonings. 10/10!

Lisa Dicamillo
Sausage seasonings

Just correcting my initial review where for whatever reason it showed 3 starts instead of 5 stars. It's definately 5 stars.

Rob Gordon
Sausage starter

This sausage starter has been the best! We just began making sausage and this product has made it so much easier. It would be nice to know what "other spices" are included in the mix though. Thanks for an awesome product!

Thanks for the feeback!