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Chud Press

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The Chud Press was designed as the ultimate gas stovetop addition. Made of 3/16" carbon steel, with a self-adjusting top plate and removable stainless steel grease tray; it's perfect for smash burgers, bacon, panini, tortillas, and more.

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Customer Reviews

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The Chuds Press Video is the Manual

As I stated in my previous review, there is no documentaion provided for this product. That's a miss in my book. I didn't know there was a specific video for the older but functionally similar model to this one. Watching that video answered some questions I had. My instinct was to season it the way Bradley does in that video.

My new Chud Press is currently sitting in my Camp Chef pellet grill @ 500* to get a patina baked into it. I will be using this with my Camp Chef Expedition 3X 90,000 BTU stove. Speaking of which, this Chud Press costs more than that stove does and it comes with 24" x 18" pre-seasoned steel griddle. That griddle is 1/8" thick and I know steel is expensive these days. It's been great for smash burgers, phillies, quesadillas, steaks, fish, etc. I've had it for 18 years now.

I just feel like $380 is a bit much for this device. Again, the outrageous prices for steel these days probably dictates a lot of that. I may feel differently after I get some use out of it. But, it's been disappointing so far.

Scott Bradley
Just grub n

Press is very well made. Easy to use. Arrived early and well packed, very well packed.

How to season it?

My wife bought this for me. It was a surprise birthday gift. I have only taken it out of the box and cleaned it up. There was a lot of black, sooty grease/oil that came off the cooking surfaces. It arrived with surface rust on the left side arm near the pivot at the rear of the unit. Since it's raw carbon steel and didn't come with any instructions or a manual of any sort, what's the best way to season it and to keep it from rusting?

I'll update this review after I can spend some time with it.

Butch Wilson
Pressing On

What a nice piece of equipment, weight of device makes it stay in place on my burner.
Fresh Flour Tortillas turned out perfect. CHUD's recipe. Chud press made Smash burgers nice crust with onions melting right into burger Tastedelious, nice job Bradley on new design. Loving my CHUD's Press

Scott Irwin
Awesome product

Packaging and shipping was excellent. Only cooked beef fat tortillas so far but works perfectly.