Chud Press
Chud Press
Chud Press
Chud Press
Chud Press
Chud Press

Chud Press

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The Chud Press was designed as the ultimate gas stovetop addition. Made of 3/16" carbon steel, with a self-adjusting top plate and removable stainless steel grease tray; it's perfect for smash burgers, bacon, panini, tortillas, and more.

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Customer Reviews

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Randy Woitte

This will last for YEARS !!!
I want to order one and send to my son in Missouri, BUT can not seemk to get another one !!!!????

Rick Scofield
Chud Press lid issue

While the new Chud press is awesome to use, I do have an issue with the lid not staying up when opened. The stainless steel lock nut on the right side backs off (gets loose) when closing the lid and have to retighten the lock nut every time you open the lid. I even tried swapping the lock nuts from the left to the right side with no luck, same issue. My solution was to place two metal star washers on the right side between the brass/copper flat washer, and then retighten the lock washer. The lock nut still rotates when opening & closing the lid but maintains enough tension to keep the lid open without retightening. Hope my fix lasts...

Howdy Rick,
Thanks for the order and the feedback! We have had a couple complaints of the same nature with some other customers. I will send you a wrench and nut repair kit in the mail today, along with a repair video via your email for you to use at reference! Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out with any other questions or concerns

Christopher R Becker
Love it

I use the press so much and it makes the absolute best bacon. The only drawback is that I use it so much it won’t stay open on its own. I have to keep a wrench nearby and even used loctite to try to keep the bolts from slipping but it didn’t work. I’d suggest a locking mechanism be implemented for the next round. Other than that it’s a great addition to the kitchen.

Howdy Chris!
Thanks for the order and the feedback, we seemed to have a similiar issue. I will send you a repair kit in mail today and I will send you a separate email with a repair video attached. Feel free to reach out with any other questions or concerns! Appreciate your business!


A nice taco press. Not for smash burgers and grease fire risk.

Thanks for the feedback! Make sure to use the included grease tray, and to clean it after use, that will prevent any risk of a grease fire

Steve DeLeon

Super well built, fun and easy to use. Can’t wait to make more things on it.

Fan-taste-ic!! Thanks for the feedback