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Sichuan Pork Cracklin

Pork Cracklin

Oct 20, 22

Sichuan Pork Cracklin

Sichuan Pork Cracklin

Cook Time: 45 mins
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This is my take on the classic Louisiana dish, pork cracklins, with LeRoy & Lewis Sichuan Rub. I use skin-on pork belly, slice them thin, smoke them, fry them up in homemade lard and toss them in sichuan rub. These crispy, crunchy snacks have a nice kick and are a must try!


  • Skin-on pork belly (firm from being in the freezer)
  • Store-bought lard or homemade rendered pork fat
  • Sichuan rub (for seasoning)


Prepare the Pork Belly:

-Place the skin-on pork belly in the freezer for a little while to firm it up, making the cutting process easier. 

-Once firm, cut the pork belly into small slices according to your preference. Arrange the slices on a cooking rack for easy transportation.

Smoke the Pork Belly:

-Preheat the pit to a temperature of 280-300 degrees Fahrenheit.

- Once the pit is ready, place the pork belly slices in the smoker. 

-Allow them to cook for about 1.5 to 2 hours, until they acquire a good smoky flavor and a touch of color.

Render the Lard:

-You have two options for the lard: you can use store-bought lard or make your own. 

-To make your own, pass some pork fat through a grinder and transfer it into a large pot. 

-Place the pot on the burner and cook the pork fat on high heat. The goal is to cook off all the water, leaving behind pure rendered pork fat. This process usually takes about 10 minutes. -Once cooked, strain it using a mesh strainer, leaving you with perfectly rendered lard.

Cook the Pork Cracklins:

-Once the pork belly slices are finished smoking, remove them from the smoker. 

-Place them directly into a pot of warm oil, ensuring the oil is not hot but warm from earlier. The intention here is to cook the cracklins slowly at a low temperature, drawing out moisture to achieve a crispy texture.

-Set the heat to medium and let them simmer for approximately 15-20 minutes, being cautious not to burn them. The objective is to remove as much water from the skin as possible at a low temperature.

-After simmering,Increase the heat to high and bring the oil temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

-Fry the cracklins until they turn crispy and golden, which should take around 5 or so minutes. Once they appear crispy, remove them from the oil and strain any excess oil.

Season and Serve:

-While the cracklins are still hot, generously season them with your desired Sichuan rub. The rub will add a kick to your pork bite snacks! 

-Dive into the crispy, crunchy snack with a kick.

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